Deep Tech solutions that deliver a competitive advantage in financial risk management, asset pricing and trading.

Agile and high performance software designed and built to revolutionise the market.

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Find out how ALFO SABR can assist your organisation to attain and maintain a competitive edge.

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Introducing ALFO SABR

ALFO SABR is a modular Deep Tech solution with highly performant analytical tools that enable real-time multi asset risk management and trading performance analysis.

SABR meets the needs of global and regional banks, central banks, broker-dealers, traders, and asset managers.

SABR is simple to install, and can replace or run alongside legacy IT systems. With SABR, witness the power of Deep Tech by seamlessly managing risks, valuing assets, and identifying trading ideas; all in one platform.

Discover the difference ALFO SABR makes to your performance:

Process millions of data points in seconds
Access AI driven interactive modelling
Price multiple asset classes in real time
Use customisable and tailored risk models
Reduce total cost of technology ownership
Integrate seamlessly with all machine-readable data sources

The team at ALFO have built market leading risk and hedging tools in the past that in my experience have never been bettered.

Ex-MD and Global Head of Electronic Trading at Tier 1 global bank

ALFO, innovators in risk management and trading solutions

We are here to revolutionise the way financial institutions manage risks and stay competitive. Backed by senior executives from the financial markets, our vision is to provide the best and most cost-effective risk management and trading solutions worldwide.

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